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The Way of St Francis from Assisi to Rome

From Assisi to the Holy Valley of Rieti and Rome

Guaranteed departures 2019

U5Mc: Full itinerary, from Assisi to Rome 14-27 Sept (253 km, 12 legs / 13 nights / 14 days)

U5Ap: Part 1, from Assisi to Rieti 14-22 Sept (144 km, 7 legs / 8 nights / 9 days)

L5Rp: Part 2, from Rieti to Rome 21-27 Sept (109 km, 5 legs / 6 nights / 7 days)

  • The hiking itinerary covers 253 Km (158 mi) between Assisi and Rome, following the path of the “Via Francigena di San Francesco”, also known as “La Via di Roma”. This is one of the ancient pilgrimage routes to Rome, presumably the same followed by Francis of Assisi and his mates in 1212.
  • Walk “from door to door”, setting off from your hotel and reaching the new one directly on foot, at the end of each daily stage. 
  • Take the full journey or any part of it: in order to be entitled to the “Testimonium” certificate issued by St Peter’s Basilica, it is necessary to walk at least from Rieti to Rome.

Difficulty level of daily legs: from easy to challenging. See programme for details.

Personalized participation on request, starting and ending at your own chosen points.


Product Description

PROGRAMME (full itinerary)

Day 1. Gathering of the participants in the hotel in Assisi. Meeting with the guide who escorts the group throughout the tour, welcome drink and preliminary briefing with distribution of the credentials and information package. The following day, start of the walk with the following itinerary.

Day 2. Stage 1: Assisi-Foligno (21 Km/13 mi, hard). Get across Mount Subasio, visiting the sanctuary of “Eremo delle Carceri” on the way. Take time to visit Spello, a beautiful medieval town; continue on flat land to reach our hotel in the thriving city of Foligno.

Day 3. Stage 2: Foligno-Campello (22 Km/13.8 mi, medium). We begin by walking a flat stretch down to the castle of Sant’Eraclio. Turn into the mountain side, covered with olive groves; the next town, Trevi, hanging over the valley, is well worth a visit; continue up and down the mountainside and arrive at our new hotel near Campello.

Day 4. Stage 3: Campello-Spoleto (20 Km/12.5 mi, medium). Up and down the mountainside amid olive groves, passing by little gems like Poreta and its castle, Bazzano and Eggi; arrive at one of the most important historical cities, rich of art treasures, of the entire route, Spoleto.

Day 5. Stage 4: Spoleto-Ferentillo (21 Km/13 mi, hard). We start from the massif castle (Rocca di Albornoz) and climb up to the “sacred” woods of Monteluco and the franciscan sanctuary “Eremo delle Grazie”. Cross the mountain and descend into the narrow valley of River Nera (Valnerina), passing by the neat little villages of Pontuglia and Ceselli; get across the river and follow it down to another lovely village, Precetto, where we will stop for the night.

Day 6. Stage 5: Ferentillo-Piediluco (22 Km/13.8 mi, medium-easy). Follow the bank of the Nera down to Arrone and Castel di Lago, then climb up the steep slopes by the monumental Marmore Waterfalls to get to the village of Marmore and onward to Lake Piediluco and our hotel.

Day 7. Stage 6: Piediluco-Poggio Bustone (21 Km/13 mi, hard). We begin by climbing up to the perfectly preserved feudal town of Labro, on a hilltop overlooking the lake. Onward to Morro Reatino and then up into the wild to reach the highest point of the route (1100m/3600 ft) and see the amazing “St Francis beech tree”; then down again to the rural village of Cepparo and on along the mountainside to the Franciscan sanctuary and the town of Poggio Bustone and finally our hotel.

Day 8. Stage 7: Poggio Bustone-Rieti (17 Km/10.6 mi, medium). We start by descending halfway down to the valley, then along the mountainside to the little village of San Liberato and then Cantalice, hanging on the rocks. Then gradually down to the sanctuary of La Foresta, and onward to another very important historical city, Rieti. Here ends Part 1. of the walk and begins Part 2.

Day 9. Stage 8: Rieti-Poggio San Lorenzo (22 Km/13.8 mi, medium). We leave Rieti by taking into a narrow side-valley; walk along the bank of a tiny rivulet up to the top, cross a very ancient Roman bridge and start climbing into the hills of the Sabina, covered with woods and olive groves. Pass by Ornaro and Torricella to reach our new hotel near Poggio San Lorenzo.

Day 10. Stage 10: Poggio San Lorenzo-Ponticelli (24 Km/15 mi, medium-hard). We walk across the hills, through woods, vineyards and olive groves, topped by medieval villages. Monteleone Sabino with the archaeological Roman site of Trebula Mutuesca and the church of Santa Vittoria; further on, the town of Poggio Moiano and the village of Ponticelli; you have to leave the path here to reach our guesthouse on a hilltop, near the Franciscan sanctuary of “Santa Maria delle Grazie”.

Day 11. Stage 10: Ponticelli-Monterotondo (30 Km/18.7 mi, medium). Start from Ponticelli. Cross hills covered with olive groves and topped by the majestic Orsini Castle, dominating the vast lowland that unrolls in the distance; walking up and down even lower hills, pass the village of Acquaviva di Nerola and the town of Montelibretti, then amid peach trees, vineyards and corn fields, reach the historical town of Monterotondo and  our hotel.

Day 12. Stage 11: Monterotondo-Montesacro (18 Km/11.2 mi, easy). We get down to Valle Ricca and into Parco della Marcigliana; on the other side of the park we are already at the edge of Rome: the last 6 Km/3.8 mi are all on city streets and can be avoided by taking the bus. Our hotel is in the stylish borough of Montesacro.

Day 13. Stage 12: Montesacro-San Pietro (15 Km/9.4 mi, easy). We start by getting across the Aniene River either on a modern bridge or on a medieval one then take the footpath, away from city traffic, through the elegant boroughs Salario, Parioli and Flaminio, to reach the banks of the Tiber River at Ponte Milvio. Follow the footpath along the riverside to Castel Santangelo, then walk down Via della Conciliazione and reach St Peter’s Square. At the Pilgrimage Office we claim our well-deserved certificate (“Testimonium”).

Day 14. Time off in Rome. After breakfast, end of the arrangements or extension of the tour.

Price per person

U5Mc: Full itinerary, from Assisi to Rome (253 km, 12 legs / 13 nights / 14 days)
14-27 Sept

  • € 2,000.00 in single room
  • € 1,700.00 in double/triple room
  • “We’re a party” discount (4 persons or more): € 100.00

U5Ap: Part 1, from Assisi to Rieti (144 km, 7 legs / 8 nights / 9 days)
14-22 Sept

  • € 1,240.00 in single room
  • € 1,050.00 in double/triple room
  • “We’re a party” discount (4 persons or more): € 50,00

L5Rp: Part 2, from Rieti to Rome (109 km, 5 legs / 6 nights / 7 days)
21-27 Sept

  • € 980.00 in single room
  • € 830.00 in double/triple room
  • “We’re a party” discount (4 persons or more) : € 50,00

“EARLY BOOKING” (reservation at least 4 months ahead): 3% discount

You can as well join/leave the group at any point along the itinerary: please consult our office for quotations and other details.

More info

• An expert guide, fluent in English and other languages, accompanies the group.
• Accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner including drinks) and city tax.
• Rooms with en-suite services (toilet with shower or bath-tube) in hotels 2/4 stars or guesthouses of various types.
• Baggage transfer (one piece per person).
• “Pilgrim’s Kit” with credential, maps and roadbook.
• Travel insurance.


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